Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, a new and innovative approach to lymphatic drainage, is available by using an electronic device and Manual Stimulation techniques (lymphatic drainage).

Combining these two modalities, Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy improves lymphatic drainage and increases lymph flow.  Technological advancement has meant the introduction of electronic devices that provide various fields of frequencies via radio waves, with the intention of stimulating the lymphatic capillaries to increase fluid flow and assist with breaking down protein-rich fluid in the tissue space. 

A number of different types of electronic devices are available in the market and though our preferred device for this therapy is from the Lymphstar Line of products developed and designed by Arcturus Star Products, Colorado, USA these classes will benefit anyone working in this field of therapy.   

The Benefits of LE Therapy:

Over 15 years of experience in working in this field we have found Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy to:

  • Improve lymphatic fluid flow and accelerates tissue detoxification

  • Improve post surgery edema/swelling

  • Improve lymphedema

  • Improve swollen lymph nodes and fibrotic conditions

  • Improve fibrocystic breast disease, breast pain and reduces breast lumps

  • Support the immune system and eases fatigue syndromes

  • Assist in healing pre and post surgery

  • Reduce inflammation, chronic pain and joint pain (including bursitis)

  • Improve fibromyalgia

  • Improve digestive complaints.

  • Improve poor circulation

  • Relieve allergies and sinus issues

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