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Desiree De Spong

Desiree De Spong was born and raised in Dunedin, New Zealand and is in her second decade of working in complementary medicine and education. Initially trained in Zen Shiatsu, Desiree was introduced to Chapman Reflexes (an osteopathic view on lymphatics) while studying Ortho-Bionomy, this course lead her to a great interest in the lymphatic system.  After investing in the instrument the Lymphstar Pro®, she began a quest for knowledge that would take her around the world.  After travelling to the United States to train with Allen Mills at the Centre for Lymphatic Health, Santa Barbara, Desiree began to develop her proficiency in Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy.  Desiree returned to the US to study with Cory Carter from Alt Med Services, South Dakota.  She has also trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Jill Griffiths from the Weller Institute in Australia and she is currently the only New Zealander who is American trained in this specialized modality.

Desiree developed a training program in Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy in 2009, launching in 2010 and has been an International Trainer since. This training is also NCBTMB approved under her Company Aetiology Ltd and runs training seminars in both the USA and New Zealand.

Desiree was awarded a research fellowship with Flinders University, Adelaide and completed a trial alongside Professor Neil Pillar, into the benefits of the mild frequency vibration to the chest, axilla and arm in patients with clinically diagnosed arm lymphoedema secondary to breast cancer surgery in November 2010.  Working in the lymphology field since 2004, Desiree has had the opportunity to work with many health conditions and has had successful results treating health issues ranging from lymphoedema, digestive issues to auto-immune conditions and has been working alongside health professionals to promote lymphatic therapy.  Desiree has extended her role in health and is now involved in research, recently being awarded a grant and obtaining ethics approval to study the effects of a technology on arthritis.  Desiree is passionate to continue her research in the area of lymphology, both in manual applications and technology so as to show its potential in managing often crippling conditions.  Desiree is based in Tauranga, New Zealand with her partner Steve and three children.

Leslie Clement Bonner

Leslie Clement Bonner, L.M.B.T., N.D., is the U.S. Training Coordinator for Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy, an instrument-based lymph drainage method developed by Desiree

De Spong of New Zealand.  A licensed massage therapist since 1982, Leslie serves as Ms. De Spong’s assistant for all higher level courses.  She received her N.D. from Clayton School of Natural Healing in 1993 and has studied widely with innovators in her field, among them Marika von Viczay, N.D., Ph.D., one of the developers of the earliest lymph drainage techniques.  She has been a member of AMTA for nearly 25 years, has practiced multiple modalities of bodywork in international spas and hotel health clubs throughout the U.S., and currently holds state licenses in both Florida and North Carolina.   She is known for her commitment to the advancement of massage therapy as a profession and often works with physicians to assist in lymph edema resolution and post surgical care.  Leslie maintains a busy private practice in Asheville, North Carolina, where she also provides care for healthy people who wish to remain so.

Michele Nelson
Michele has been a global leader, trainer, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker for more than 19 years. She has a Bachelors degree from East Tennessee State University. Due to a passion for nutrition and health, Michele launched her own holistic health care practice in 2015.  Lymphatics for Life was created to help clients looking for an alternative to traditional medicine. She is a certified therapist and trainer and will soon become a Doctor of Naturopathy. Michele has been a practitioner of functional medicine for more than 5 years and her business continues to expand along with her education in the field of Lymphatics. Her clients call her “the lymphatic guru”. Michele has worked alongside of the top practitioners in the field.
Michele has also just launched Lymphatic Technology Institute (LTI).The Institute was designed to help individuals develop the skills necessary to operate with these alternative modalities.Her mission in life is to educate people in Lymphatics and how their bodies function so that they can be propelled toward living in Divine Health. Her motto is “Love your Body and your Body will Love you back.”
When she is not operating her business, Michele travels with her husband and speaks along side of him in conferences about marriage, family, business and leadership. She also has a unique way of communicating in order to inspire women to face their fears and chase their dreams.

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